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Dynamically create columns


Hello all,


Here is what I am trying to do, but I must admit that it is utterly difficult for me.


Let's assume that I have an Excel Input file that contains columns regarding months:

Sans titre.jpg

As you can see, it starts at March 2019 and ends at December 2019.


The final form of the file should have the following features:

1) Starts at current month (for example, 2018-08-01)

2) Ends at 36th month (same example, 2021-07-01)

3) If the starting month of the Input is prior to today's date, these columns should be erased (from starting at 2018-05-01 to starting at 2018-08-01). Same logic for columns after ending month (delete all columns after 2021-07-01)

4) The added columns must have null/blank/zero cells.

5) The existing and maintained columns (for example, the 2019-05-01 on the picture above) should naturally conserve the values in rows.


As the Input file is going to often change regarding starts and ends months, I am looking for a dynamic solution.


I hope that it is clear enough, if not please let me know.


Your help would be more than welcome ! 


Thanks in advance.


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Do you want to generate a blank template every time the Alteryx workflow is ran, or do you have a data input that you would like organized in this fashion? If you have an input in mind, providing a sample input file for the Community will help you get the most relevant input.