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Dynamically change file name while preserving pivot table integrity


Hi Everyone,


I'm working on automating a report from different pulled data sources I have. My issue is that when I try to dynamically change the file name to include today's date, the overwrite also deletes my tab with my pivot table.


I initially started with just having the manipulated data export to an output sheet with the pivot table tab, as the pivot table would be able to reference against the overwritten data sheets because the fields and field names were the same. After, the sheet refreshes the pivot table when it closes and is ready to be attached to an email.

I only have 2 logical directions on how to over come this problem. 1: find out how to overwrite sheets and dynamically change the file name while keeping the pivot tab. 2: Take the an output file were the pivot table tab correctly references the overwritten data and have alteryx take the output sheet and run a dynamic name change. 


If anyone has any ideas, that would be fantastic.


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Just to confirm what your problem is.


You have an excel file with two tabs, one with a pivot table and the second with some data (presumably this data drives the pivot table).


You want to be able to overwrite the data in the second tab but retain the integrity of the pivot table tab, and have this outputted with a unique filename for each run?


My understanding of how to resolve this issue would be to run the workflow close to the end. Then create a script and action that script using the run command tool, which copies the workbook and outputs it with the desired datetimestamp from your workflow. You can then use the standard output tool in Alteryx to overwrite just the second data tab.


That's the theory. 


I don't have time to put this into practice yet but it gives you something to investigate.