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Dynamically Select Which Workflow to Run

8 - Asteroid

@DavidxL - I did see your post.


What I am confused about is that you have only one Input Data tool in your workflow. I need a different Input Data tool for each workflow. Since each report we receive is a completely different format, I need a way to keep only the filename the user selects and then populate the Input Tool within the enable workflow with that filename.  Does that make sense?


For example, the user selects report.xlsx with the Browse Tool and chooses Workflow #2 from the Drop Down Tool. Now I want to disable all the workflow containers except for Workflow #2. After that, I need to update the filename of the Input Data tool within the Workflow #2 container with the report.xlsx file and go from there.


I cannot pass the same initial dataset to each workflow because the data may not be formatted the same way (as in I need to start importing on a different row or it may not even be an XLSX file, but a CSV instead).


Maybe I need to immediately output my original report to a temporary file and just call that for all the input tools of each workflow?  Am I radically misunderstanding this whole concept?

9 - Comet

I missed that, sorry. In that case, you can just connect the File Browse to each Input Data tool and update the File name.


I think that should work.

connct file.PNG