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Dynamically Select Fields based on results of DropDown Selection

9 - Comet

Hi, struggling with a challenge.


I have a table with 16 fields.




Fund1, Fund2, Fund3, Fund4, etc.


I have a drop down with 






I'd like my dropdown selection to dynamically select the relevant columns. Does anyone have a solution to this?


Help much appreciated. 


I think you'd want to use a list box rather than a drop down.


The list box will allow you to have a check box per column, rather than the single option the drop down allows.


If you set the list box to accept the field list from your input tool/stream this will load those fields.


Like the attached (if you rename to .yxwz).

9 - Comet

Thanks. The List Box to MultiSelect does work. I guess I can comment "Please only select one'. 


Was thinking as it's a one - to - one relationship - So when I pick fund 1, i only need the fund 1 column back. 




Ah sorry, I misunderstood.


You can connect the drop down in the same way as the list box if you want the user to only select one.


I would never rely on the user to only select one 😉

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

You can do this by feeding the Question output into a Dynamic Select and then using a formula to choose which columns to keep.



Quick sample based on @JoeS attached


One slight warning - remember to tick:


as the field output changes...

9 - Comet

Think i worked it out - [Name]=[#1]




9 - Comet

@jdunkerley79 @JoeS 

New issue, is that as the fields are being dynamically selected in the dropdown of the app. A lot of my downstream tools aren't functioning now, especially summarise tools. 


What is the best way to cope with this changing upstream field situation?


I can share a sample workflow or screenshots if that would help more?


Hi @CiaranA 


Yeah, it'd be best to share your workflow.


I'd guess that you may need to change the shape of your data using the transpose tool before a summarize and then a cross tab after.


But definitely best if you can upload your example 🙂

9 - Comet

Would this be better as a chained app?


I've attached a sample which aims to show that by dynamically picking a fund, your downstream tools then reference that fund's particular data, pivot it up and summarise in a table. 

7 - Meteor


I have a query how to add a DROPDOWN feature into a batch macro so that i can dynamically input only 1 field.

Below i have described my situation, please help me out

  • I have multiple database connections (read: for multiple markets), but the field names that i want to extract is same.
  • So i built a batch macro which runs for all the connections but i dont need all connections at the same time instead i want only one connection (Market) to run at a time.

So, can i somehow built a dropdown to select a particular connection before running the workflow.