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Dynamically Filter by Source & Export to Multiple Excel Files

16 - Nebula

Can you let me know what error you're getting?


It's a while since I first set up a Run Command tool in a workflow and I tend to just copy it to a new workflow and update the cmd field with the command that I want it to execute. Unless I'm mistaken the Copy Template.bat file gets generated at runtime and contains the txt in the cmd field. A batch file is something you can execute in a DOS Command window and that is exactly what the Run Command tool does.


The error messages from the Run Command tool is normally fairly nondescript and it usually means that something went wrong when it tried to execute your DOS statement.


Did you set up the temp folder? Did you change the paths in the Text Input tool to point to this folder? Did you copy the template.xlsx file somewhere and updated the path to that file in the Text input tool.


An easy way to test this is to run the macro and copy the cmd string into a DOS Command window and hit enter. If it works you know your cmd string is correct and if it doesn't you know where the problem is.

6 - Meteoroid

Hi David, 


I was able to spend a little more time playing around with the tools. Ultimately, I was able to manipulate the data and output my desired results. I cannot thank you enough for the time spent helping me out! 

16 - Nebula

Happy to help and glad you got it working!