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Dynamic update of filtered record(s)


Hello - I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  I've been asked to create an analytic app that:


1.  Allows users to retrieve all records under their name from a Google sheet. 

2.  After they receive the selection, they should be able to further retrieve a specific record from that selection. 

3.  They should then be able to update any fields within that record.

4.  The updated record should overwrite the prior one in the same Google Sheet. 


Is this at all possible?  I'm able to retrieve the filtered records in a browse.  It would be great if my users could further use this App Results window to select the record to update, but any interface functionality that would let them do this will work.   


I'm intermediate-level and still learning.  I'm familiar with the Google tools and fairly complex workflows, but do need some extra coaching with analytic apps.  


Thank you for your help with this!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Sbinkley 


Please read this article Chained Alteryx Analytic Applications and you'll see how you can go through this situation.

I hope it helps.




Hi Thableau - thanks for your response.  Can you clarify for me if something like this could be posted to Gallery?  I seem to be reading otherwise in the content of your posted link:


Our ultimate goal is to deploy this via the Alteryx server so that we can send the links to our target audience.  I think in order to do that I will have to create a gallery.  Is that the case?  


If so, can you please clarify if this solution will work correctly if deployed as intended?



Update from sbinkley: I no longer need assistance with this issue. 


I've been able to create this app as a series of chained analytic apps in a loop - i.e., the last app in the process calls the first one again upon success.  Each step in the app performs some function then calls the next step. 


The tricky part was in understanding that the last step in the process should be to post, and then realizing that I could chain apps in a loop.  From there, the build was relatively simple. 


When users are through updating records, they simply exit through the interface menu.