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Dynamic tags not identified in PCXML mode in Report Text Tool for 1st occurence

5 - Atom

Hi Team,


Not sure if this is more of a bug with Alteryx and if someone can route it to correct team/person to take care of it.


The issue is while I try to use the Dynamic Tag (Available Fields) in the Report Text tool which is configured to use Expert Mode (PCXML).


The very first dynamic fetch never works and it displays the column word for example ([Name:A]) in output. The same dynamic tag when is used 2nd in occurrence it perfectly fetches the data in output. 


I have created a small task to reflect this. I do have workaround to have these in the report text builder and hide using either the HTML tag <p hidden> or via <!-- | --> but would be worth if this is something looked at and fixed within the tool.


Happy to provide more information on this. Thanks 🙂 

19 - Altair

Hi @mhhusain ,


I feel we would definitely need more info.


I was able to achieve what you were trying by change text tool formula to below

This is the first dynamic tag of string Name : Dear [Name:A]
This is the second dynamic tag of same string Name : Dear [Name:A]

Removing all other tags.



getting names at both place


Then again pretty sure you might be trying to achieve something different since you are using HTML pass through


Hope this helps : )

19 - Altair

Hi @mhhusain ,


I think you are right. Your workflow should also worked. There is a bug.


I checked previous post this too. Here is a link.


I tried the solved workflow and it didnt work.



15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @mhhusain , if I use normal html tags such as <p></p> it works fine but when using htmlpass through

as you mentioned it skips the first tag and displays the value in the second one.









You can refer to this link if it helps-



In case still you face an issue you can always write to and describe your problem they will definitely help you.



Sapna Gupta