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Dynamic input help


I am trying dynamic input for the first time.  I have multiple excel files all in the same format (2 attached) they will probably also be in the same directory.  I only need rows 1 - 28 from each file.  I can get this done with the dynamic input file, and run the workflow etc,. but then i lose what data is from what file.  I am trying to get an end product that looks like the excel file called Expected Final.  


I have attached my workflow as it is now, and some sample excel files I would be using. 


I am using Alteryx 11.5


Thank you!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @aberry0613


If you wish to know which file the data came from you can select "output file name as field" on the input:





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It's always something so easy.  :-)  Thank you!  @LordNeilLord

Alteryx Certified Partner

You're welcome @aberry0613



Part time Tableau, Part Time Alteryx. Full Time Awesome