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Dynamic input - flow not loading sql

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I have this small flow I use to generate a incremental load from our sql server.

basicly I output the ID to load from, and update my query with the value from my file.

If I take the number from the file, and add it into the sql and run it in ssms it runs in seconds. 

I had it running in alterys for an hour, with no result.

What am I doing wrong?

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If I change from OleDb -> ODBC it works.

But if I take the query and use in a Input tool, as OleDB it works too.

So howcome it doesn't work with the dynamic input?


Info: Input Data (16): 43452 records were read from odb:Provider=MSOLEDBSQL.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;User ID="";Initial Catalog=ubprod;Data Source=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX;Use Procedure for Prepare=1;Auto Translate=True;Packet Size=4096;Workstation ID=UB-TUCIMS9NPXKF;Initial File Name="";Use Encryption for Data=False;Tag with column collation when possible=False;MARS Connection=False;DataTypeCompatibility=0;Trust Server Certificate=False;Application Intent=READWRITE;MultiSubnetFailover=False;Use FMTONLY=False;Authentication="";TransparentNetworkIPResolution=True

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It worked renaming my to BL_ID - as the only change .......