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Dynamic conditional formula?


I'm building a decision tree tool using multiple conditions / criteria : 


Decision Output - Should we offer 30% promotion discount to a group(s)?


Here's how I envision it to be : 


Customer GroupRule 1Rule 2 Rule 3Rule 4OUTPUT


Each rule represents a specific, formula driven test results 


For US - We will provide a discount if Both Rule 1 + Rule 2 are TRUE or if both RULE 3 and 4 are true.

For France  - We will provide a discount if Rule 1 + 2 + 3 are true or if Rule 4 is true

For Germany - We will provide a discount if either one of the Rule 1 or Rule 2 or Rule 3 is true. 


I can create a unique formula for each region, but I have 42 other countries and was wondering if we can develop a formula that is dynamic and can be used for all of the countries. To do so, I thought it would be helpful to change the table to like this:

Customer GroupRule 1link1Rule 2 link2Rule 3link3Rule 4


But I'm still having trouble coming up with a formula using the data structure above. Can you help? 

Alteryx Certified Partner



Use the below expression in the formula tool to get new field as "Discount" or "No Discount" :


if [Customer Group]="USA" and ([Rule 1]="TRUE" and [Rule 2 ]="TRUE") then "Discount" elseif
[Customer Group]="USA" and ( [Rule 3]="TRUE" and [Rule 4]="TRUE") then "Discount" elseif
[Customer Group]="France" and ([Rule 1]="TRUE" and [Rule 2 ]="TRUE" and [Rule 3]="TRUE") then "Discount"
elseif [Customer Group]="France" and [Rule 4]="TRUE" then "Discount" elseif
[Customer Group]="Germany" and ([Rule 1]="TRUE" or [Rule 2 ]="TRUE" or [Rule 3]="TRUE") then "Discount" else "No Discount" endif





Hi @swoo008


I would suggest using the CReW dynamic formula macro written by @AdamR:


I would also split the OR formula to separate lines and keep the AND ones one the same line: