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Dynamic Variables Possible?


I would like to be able to have a set of variables where I can dynamically set them (Constants wont work). For example, running a query and returning several values back into a set of variables to be used downstream. 


I stopped by the Solutions Center at Inspire 2018 and two Alteryx employees didn't have a solution. I told them I would reach out to the community again to see if there's been any workarounds since I last posted about this 2017. 



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Alteryx Certified Partner



My answer is "Yes."  I hope that helps!


I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but in my opinion it is awfully clever.  I have 3 fields that I want to apply dynamic results to.  I have varying quantities of domain values for each field to choose from.  I want to apply a field value randomly to each incoming record.  I have 10 different first names + 4 different last names + 9 different pet names.  Each run of the workflow will apply a random set of names to each incoming record.




Based upon my understanding of the problem at-hand, this is my dynamic solution.





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