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Dynamic Replace based on rules in a file


Hi All,


I am new to Alteryx and have a requirement that has stumped me.  I am unsure which function will help and am hoping someone would be able to give some advice.

The requirement is to lookup and replace a large amount of data based on some business rules (filters) defined.  I have 2 files.  The first file being the data file which contains several columns (ex. GL Account, Invoice Description, Vendor, Spend Class L1, Spend Class L2, etc).  The next file contains a ton of business rules that define how the Spend Class L1 and L2 fields should be changed in the first file based on what the value is for each record in either GL Account, Invoice Description or Vendor (or any combination of those fields).

To give an example:


File 1:

GL AccountInvoice DescriptionVendorSpend Class 1Spend Class 2
0001Lunch with ClientSome RestaurantOther ExpensesOther Expenses
0002Drinks with ClientSome BarOther ExpensesOther Expenses


File 2:

Rule ConditionNew Spend Class 1New Spend Class 2
GL Account = "0001" AND Invoice Description CONTAINS "Lunch"Sales ExpenseRepresentation
Vendor CONTAINS "Bar" AND Invoice Description CONTAINS "Drinks"Sales ExpenseRepresentation


Given the example above, I would expect the Spend Class 1 and 2 fields in File 1 to be replaced by "Sales Expense" and "Representation" respectively.  The problem is that the Rule Condition in File 2 is dynamic and can be a combination of various fields and values.


I would greatly appreciate any ideas.  Thank you.

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Use the dynamic formula tool to update field formulas dynamically. It is in the CreW Macro pack.


Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, my company is very strict about add-ons. Is there any way to achieve the same using just the default functions already in Alteryx?


Hi Everyone, 


I am also looking for similar solution.

To have a business rules defined in an excel which will be input to the ETL between the source and target tables.


Can anyone shed some light on how to implement or design view of the same in Alteryx without using any external add-ons.


Responses are really appreciated.



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