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Dynamic Replace: Run SQL Query For Multiple Dates


I had a chance to look at your workflows this morning. Is there any way that I could modify these macros to feed a list every date through it or would I have to run it for each day of the year individually?


Once you have it saved as a macro (.yxmc extension), and have configured your query, you can insert it like a regular tool inside another alteryx workflow.  So if you have a workflow with all the dates you want to run, you can right click on the canvas and choose Insert->Macro.. and browse to that file.  This will insert it as a new tool.  From there, you simply need to connect your date input to that tool, and configure the tool so that the drop down has your date field selected, and you should be able to run the workflow!


Thank you, that worked for me. I ended up using your in db macro and formatting it like the first one. Works like a charm.