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Dynamic List Box based on field names from datasets - Macro Tool

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Hi Everyone,


I would like to create a listbox that allows a user to select which columns they would like a multifield formula tool to apply to.

I have been able to do this successfully, however as the next step, I am hoping to make this listbox dynamic, so that it will take the field names from an input data set (or tool connection), rather than from the macro templated input. 


Example would be having a file input with the fields 1, 2 and 3, and have these appear in the macro as the list box selections.

Then, in a separate workflow, I would connect a different data set to the macro which might have the fields 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, and for the list box to update itself to have these fields as the selection options.


I'm pretty sure this can be done within an analytic app, but this needs to be a macro and I'm wondering if this can be done.

Any help would be most appreciated - thanks!

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Is this what you need?



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Hi Qiu,


Unfortunately not, but thank you for that


I have this (as found on the community board)




But the macro input tool requires data to be fed into it, either your own text input or a file input

I'm wondering if this file input can be dynamically set to the current file(s) in use within the work flow

so if i had workbook-1.xlsx, then it would use the field names from workbook 1 without the user having to do anything

if i had workbook-2.xlsx, then it would use the field names form workbook 2 without the user having to do anything

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Hey Everyone,


stumbled across the answer myself after just messing about

turns out, you need to connect the Q anchor, not the output anchor, of the intput macro like so


hope this can help others in a similar situation

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17 - Castor

Hi!  @Chris12 

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Good job finding the solution.  Interface tools are tricky.  BTW...In case where you've done the work to discover the solution yourself, it's acceptable to mark your own response as the solution.    


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Thank you!