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Dynamic Join- Find Non Matching Fields

Hello! I am working on a workflow where I am using a macro that takes 2 inputs and performs a join based on number of fields in Input 1.This macro thus joins on variable number of fields based on Input 1. The issue I am facing is that when the L output gives me the rows from Input 1 that did not match with those of Input 2 , I want to identify the fields on which the row did not match.

For Ex:  If I have 2 inputs , I want my output to be generated in the following manner:


Input 1                                                   Input 2                                     Output

Field 1 Field 2                                      Field 1   Field 2                     Field 1   Field 2    Non_Matching_Field      Value from Input  2

A           123                                          A           123                          AA          3445        Field 1                            AB

AA         3445                                       AB          3445                       


Also, the non matching field can be any of the fields present in Input 1.

Any help on how to solve this would be appreciated.



Alteryx Partner

Would something like this help you?



Thanks for your Reply!

Unfortunately, My input 2 has some extra rows as well apart from those which do not match with Input 1. Its like a single doc where multiple rows exist but Input 1 only contains few of these.So Join by Record position doesn't work in this scenario.

Alteryx Partner

Hello @PriyankaPoddar ,


I think I have solved somehow the issue you were talking about. Without some extra information there would be no more ways to check if this is what you want.