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Dynamic Inputs


Hi everyone,


I asked a similar question with regards to dynamic outputs which was extremely helpful.


Is there a way make the input a file inside a folder. I'm working with a single Excel file but the name of it will change on a weekly basis (e.g Financial results - WC date). Is there a method if building an input which would function without having to change the file input each week?


Any help is appreciated.




Alteryx Partner

What's the rule for the changing filename ? Is it the date component or something else ?


It's hard to answer until we know this information or at least a better idea of your situation.


It would be purely the date function.


i.e. Financial results - 15/02/2019. The string 'Financial Results' will never change. The date component will.


here's one way.


Use the Directory tool to load the list of files in the folder, sort on creation time and sample the latest one only. If you know the SheetName, for instance, Sheet1, then add it to the Fullpath and use the Dynamic input tool to load it.


load latest file.png

Alteryx Partner

Just remember that you can't have slashes or backslashes in the filename.


Other replies on this thread are also great, but if you want to load an exact filename I'd use something like this (attached)