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Dynamic Input

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I am trying to run a dynamic input with a modify SQL clause.  The Dynamic input is working great however, I am running into an issue with my workflow.  I have a list of vendor ID's that are connecting into my dynamic input that update the SQL Query.  Rather than running the SQL and completing the entire flow with that one query, it runs all of the vendor data at once and then finishes the workflow altogether, rather than running separately for each vendor.  


This doesn't work for me since I am trying to separate customers with filters and joins based on their shop year and for each specific vendor they are using.  


Is there any way to have the flow run completely through each time it runs a sql query in the dynamic input rather than it run in the input then finish the workflow all at once?

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Hey @Dylan_Brown


Sounds like you may want to consider putting your dynamic input inside of a batch macro!


Here's a handy video to watch for your viewing pleasure:





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I thought that might be the way to do it.  If I create a batch macro, how would I configure the tools?  For the dynamic input, would I need to use a macro input with the list of vendor id's for the input to read?