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Dynamic Input to read list of excel files from Directory


Ok, so have a look at the differences between the 2 files below - check the data types


field differences.png


You have 2 options:


1. Change all fields in Excel to Text to make sure they're all all the same.

2. Write a batch macro that can read files both files and union them.


Luckily, the 2nd option is really simple and here is an excellent article that explains how to do it.


I've also gone ahead and written the macro for you - please see attached and also the workflow that calls it. Note that the files have a lot of nulls rows, so to see the real values, you just have to filter the nulls out.




Hi David,


Thank you for the solution.Now what I am facing issue is I am not able to write the output of the macro into a tde.The file is getting created but however it has only 30KB.Not sure what I am missing here.My output has to be a tde which can connect to tableau file.Can you please help?.

I tried with .xls  format with this macro however it is not reading the second file.


With .xlsx and .csv it is reading Air_Mar and Air_Jan files however not writing the output as a tde.


Any help would be really appreciated.





I am not experiencing the same problem, I added an output tool to the workflow with the sample file you provided and it generated the correct tde file - see below.


tde output.pngtde output 2.png