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Dynamic Input - Zip with Files in Subfolders

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I've read similar articles that address the issue of referring to a specific file type (ie JSON) within zip files using formulas and the dynamic input tool.


The problem I'm encountering is when the file needed is in a subfolder within the zip


My formula creates the FullPath with the "|||(subfolder)/(Json File Name)" added. However, When I run the workflow, I get warning messages that the file was not read and the meta data shows the path to the Subfolder within the text has been altered with a (\) instead of a (/)



this is what the Formula generates before sending to the dynamic input tool.



The meta data after the workflow runs shows this




When referring to files not in subfolders, I have no issues, so it seems to be related to how the dynamic input is changing the reference to the subfolder within the zip.




You may need to contact Alteryx Customer Support to help with this one.  If you can let them know which articles you referred to that would helpful.  A copy of your workflow and input file (or an example of each) would also be helpful.