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Dynamic Input Tool

7 - Meteor



I am working on a compare engine app that pulls in two files into Alteryx, compares them, then outputs results. (This is a very dynamic workflow that is being used) There is an instance where i plug an XLS and XLSX file into the App and one of the columns is a date and it pulls in the date as datetime in the xls file and just the standard date in file 2. 


The format in excel is general. I tried changing it to short date and it didn't make a difference. For some reason, Alteryx is reading it as datetime. 


Is there a way to fix the field type of this column is being pulled in? 


Again, this is just being used by the App- the workflow for this is very dynamic so I can't just change the field type in the select tool because it is not the file being used in the workflow.

8 - Asteroid

What about Auto Field Tool in the dynamic workflow, so it will try to translate it for you automatically not matter what columns do/dont come through on the actual file?