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Dynamic Input Tool: The file "" has a different schema than the 1st file in the set.


Did you solve this?


Here is a link to article that I got all my knowledge from:

 Alteryx-Knowledge-Base /Read-in-Multiple-Excel-Files-with-Multiple-Tabs-that-have 


That was my original question.  While the OP appears to be still around, he never responded past May of 2018 which was also his last post to the forum.  He's the only one that can mark this as Solved and we don't know what his resolution was.


Your Macro needs to be "Batch" and not "Standard".


In the Input tool, a query just looks like a file to the Tool.


Create the Input tool, with the Database connection to one of the tables.


With the Action Tool modify the field called "File" and replace the hole thing "aka:Database Connection|||Select ..." with your new value of the Database Connection between "|||" it and your SQL.


Or just modify the specific string you want change on the bottom of the Configuration and replace

like the "FROM TABLE" with "FROM  TABLE2" and so on, when your select statement is like "Select *"