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Dynamic Input SQL Update multiple clauses

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Hello community, 

Sorry for the long post but please stay with me..

I already have a database that i pull from, only when the date, is later than my last update. See photos. Use dynamic input tool for this. (each "car" in my data has multiple lines with different dates). This works at the moment...


But i want to only take this data for a certain amount of unique "cars". 

(Each car has a unique identifier number, i.e. car 321456, 321457, etc).

 There are ~4,000 cars which i want to take the data, around 2,000 which i don't. 


The whole aim of this is to reduce time taken to run the workflow. Hence why i want to only pull for cars i need rather than pulling all then filtering. 


Ideally i want a list of car numbers going into the query, and only pull data for them, and only after the right date (see top, currently working part) 


If anyone has any extra time in lock down, some help on this would be much appreciated, 

Thanks, James

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13 - Pulsar

The issue is likely your sql statement of the dynamic input.

Does your Where clause use an "=" or an "in"?  
It should be an "IN ('123456789')" and then replace the 123456789 and the option to group replacement value for sql in clause.

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Hi Patrick. 


Just so I'm clear would your solution be appending the date onto the list of cars.

Then having the SQL clause say IN (123456789) AND ....= (date)



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13 - Pulsar

I believe that's it.  A little hard to say without having seen your original dynamic query.

Here's an example I put together.

This is my template query I put into the dynamic input:




And then the modify settings for the dynamic query:



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Thank you. Didn't know how to combine those two queries but that works now.