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Dynamic Input - No sheet selected on multiple excel workbooks

Hi - I searched the sub before posting and tried the solutions of utliziing the formula tool and it hasnt resolved my problem. 


I have multiple Excel sheets pulled into a folder, the schema is the same but the titles are different. I used a directory, and dynamic input and it worked but now I pulled in updated files and it keeps prompting me to select a sheet which I already did. 




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @melissatremper 


Could you please share the configuration of your Dynamic Input Tool?


If I were you, I'd add the Sheet Name after the Directory Tool with a Formula Tool or something and then select the option "Change Entire File Path" in the Dynamic Input Tool.


This sheet selection is a bit tricky so you need to check all details.


The right path for an Excel Sheet is something like this: path\file.xlsx|||SheetName


So you may need to specify this path very clearly to avoid these errors.