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Dynamic Field Selection

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi all, 


I just stumbled across a solution and thought I would share it. I was trying to select fields based on a a dynamic input, i.e.


And my data:

field1; field2; field3; field4; field5; field6 .....
1      ; 2       ; 3       ; 4      ; 5      ; 6 .....


I've produced a macro that uses transposes and dynamic selects/renames to select only the fields that are present in the rows tool. Hopefully it will be helpful to someone in the future!


If anyone has a better way of doing this/has it been done before let me know, I'd be interested to see what else has been done. Or if this is even a problem?!app/Dynamic-Select/56af2b23a248970f909a41d7



Ben - BIPB


Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

Nice one. Here's an alternative approach...

Alteryx Certified Partner

Ahh, the Field Info tool! I always forget about that, thank you for your input. Your work flow definitely looks like the right way to do it.




without knowing "Dynamic Select" we have built in our team a macro we call "Standardize Structure", I just uploaded it ot the public gallery.!app/Standardize-Structure/58f723def499c713d4206be4


It standardizes the structure of input stream based on provided template. We often use it in combination with our another dynamic macro called "Dynamic Sumarize"!app/Dynamic-Sumarize/58f72349effc2a0dd0bec031


Hope it helps somebody,