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Dynamic Email Subject - Error "No Subject"


I am trying to update the subject line of my email by using the "Use Field" option within the Email tool.  I created an [Email Subject] field with a formula tool that will include the current Activity Month/Year and Billing Month/Year based on the workflow run date.  This field is currently being stored as a string and I use the Auto Change tool to adjust the size based on the subject produced in my Formula tool.Email Subject Workflow.png


That being said, I am getting the below error:


Email Subject Error.png



The [Email Subject] field itself does not indicate that it is being truncated in any way; however, it does display with ellipses right before entering the Email tool.  Email Subject Before Email Tool.png

Additionally, the [Email Subject] is readily available within the Email tool to be selected as the Subject.  Any ideas as to how I can combat this error?  I have tried a handful of different things in troubleshooting, but continue to get the same error.


Email Tool Configuration.png


Thank you in advance!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Does it help if you filter out the null records on row 1?


That would make sense! Trying it now