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Dynamic Directory input

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I need to create a dynamic director input that will allow me to take the directory path from where the workflow is saved.


I have the attached, but the Dynamic Input tool will not allow me to input the directory, I have to select a file and this will not work for me.


Any way that I can Dynamically input just the directory?


(Ps. the reason I need this is that I have a workflow, with Macros that I need to share and have anyone be able to open and run, that pulls files from a BOX sync folder (the file path for this is different for each person as it adds the employee ID into the file path (eg. C:\Users\123456\Box Sync\...). Therefore I cannot run it as an App or Package option. My idea now is to create as a Package (so that I can include the Macros) but to determine the inputs and outputs using the location in which the workflow is saved to form the file paths. If there is a better solution I am not aware of, more than happy to listen to suggestions...)




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I also wanted to pass in the Path to the "Directory" tool so I put in into another workflow and created a new tool called "Dynamic Directory".  It includes a help HTML document.  And once installed shows up under the "in/Out" category of tools that is shown a the top of Alteryx Designer.



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Can you please share your workflow in 11.5 version?

10 - Fireball

Downgraded it to Alteryx version 11.5