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Dynamic Connection String

8 - Asteroid

As organizational standard we can not save user name and password for the database access in the workflows. 

So we want a way for Alteryx to get the username password from a configuration file or web service which provides the connection string with user name password encrypted in it.


Then I want to use this connection string in my input tool to connect to the database and save the workflow and schedule it on scheduler or share with anyone.

I am trying to use Dynamic input tool to use the connection string thus provided by the curl in command prompt tool and I am running in to couple of issues.

The Dynamic input tool does not seem to have an option to replace connection string. is this something that can be done in Alteryx ?


Also, when I am trying to connect to SQL server I am getting only the alias in the dynamic input tool (due to the newer interface of setting up connection). When I tried to use "other database connection" to use oledb so that I can get the connection string in dynamic input (to replace if possible), the connection fails to fetch the tables in the database.


(I am using Curl in the command prompt tool to get the encrypted connection string from the web service).

12 - Quasar

Is this for Server / Gallery or for Designer deployments?  For the former, it can be best practice to use a functional ID not linked to a specific person when embedding a connection in a workflow.


I think Alteryx should consider integration with enterprise password vaults (ex. CyberArk ) as I'm seeing it become more standard for users to not control passwords for system access and organizations requiring them to use the vaults for single use, time limited keys that are extracted from the EPV.

8 - Asteroid

It is for scheduler deployments and also sometimes for version control where multiple people can be using/working on the workflow from a Git like system.


Can you please direct me more about how to use a functional ID.