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Dynamic Connection Name for Connect-In DB

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Dear all,


I am trying to configure a dynamic source path for the Connect In-DB tool. The goal would be that the system automatically connects to the correct location when used on different machines. 



If user 1 is executing the workflow it should be named like that:


Source = C:\User1\MyDocuments\Alteryx_Database.indbc 


If user 2 is executing the workflow it should be named like that:


Source = C:\User2\MyDocuments\Alteryx_Database.indbc 


The filepath leading to the MyDocuments folder is pre-configured and the location of the file is the same on every machine. The only dynamic part would be the username.


Did anyone encounter a similar problem in the past?

Alteryx Partner

You can use a relative path for this.


../Mydocuments/Connection.xydb will work for any one regardless of what comes before the mydocuments.     The link below should help



The other trick is that each user must have the same ODBC name DSN name.   As annoying as that is I haven't found away around this - unless you have server and can publish the connections to gallery.


What I mean by this is that if you are using for example Snowflake and you have an in-db file path to that,  then if another user sets it up as Snowflake - Prod,  then it wont work.   The in-db file contains all the details on user names, passwords, etc but still references a specific DSN to get the driver details.