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Dyanmic Select Field based on Drop Down Menu (Field Type: Double)

5 - Atom

Hi! So i've seen a lot of posts on how to do this if a field type is a string, but it seems to be more complex if the field type is a double? 


Basically, all of the fields I have are doubles (each field is a year) and I want to be able to use a drop down menu and allow the user to select which year they want to look at? how would I be able to dynamically select the year based on the drop down menu selection?


i've tried using the dyanmic select tool and doing [name]=[dropdownmenuselect] and that didn't work,  i get an error saying "a record was created with no fields" 


if you have any idea on how to solve this that would be great! 

8 - Asteroid

Hi @datanerd457 ,


Please check out the attached workflow, Based on your description you are asking a user to choose a year (column) and then returning the value for the user. 


Please note that for you to be able to allow user input at run time, you will need to use an Analytical App instead of standard workflow, to run the workflow as an analytical app You need to hit the wand button, not run.


Additionally if you need this to work on Alteryx Server, you will need a chained application to flow the the user selection into the the workflow correctly, check out this for info