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Duplicate tools with connections

7 - Meteor

The workflow below was built to check several clients. In each container I select a client to check. 



This same container is going to be replicated for 40 clients. So if I need to copy and paste the container and build all input connections again it will take a loong time. I was wondering if there is a easier way to do that. The formulas with a green box are those I need to change from client to client because some words vary when I'm doing the analysis (it depends on the name of the client. 


@jackersantos sometimes there are situations where you can create a macro that leverages the same logic in multiple places of your workflow. However, if you have different filters and formulas for every client, the only way that you could accomplish this with one macro is by having a table with the list of clients, the filters, and formulas that are updated via control parameters and action tools for each set. 


This introduction to macros video is probably a good start, but I would suggest practicing on a simple use case before attempting to apply this concept to your workflow: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Videos/Summer-Camp-Introduction-to-Macros/td-p/597252


And this one: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Videos/Build-Your-First-Batch-Macro/td-p/52900