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Duplicate Rows


Hi Community,


Wondering if someone could help me duplicate the whole data about 100 times.


Posting an example as a guide.


I basically want to duplicate from Apple to Mango 100 times.


Thank you in advance!





Copied my response from the other thread you opened



If I'm understanding you right, you want to take each row in your data, and create 100 or more copies of every row you already have?

The Generate Rows tool is fantastic for this, and its default configuration is close to what you want.


Basically, Generate Rows will perform a loop for each record in your starting dataset, and generate new rows until it reaches its end point (configured by you).  If you connect Generate Rows to your input tool that has your data, you can then update the default configuration in the Condition Expression pane, and tell it to run until RowCount <=100, or 1000, or 10000, or more.

Note that this can easily cause you problems if you add too many zeroes to that number, but you can probably safely run most numbers that you might reasonably need.

Hope this helps!

Alteryx Certified Partner

This is the perfect problem for the Generate Rows tool.  See example attached.


Hi Claje,


Thank you for your reply, but could you create a model and post it please?


I'm a beginner and have tried the Generate Rows formula, but it is beyond my understanding.


Thank you in advance!


Sure thing.

I was beaten to the punch on posting an example by @gsaval, but I've attached a quick example as well.