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Drop Down in Excel through Alteryx




I have a question regarding an output in Excel file. Is it possible if we create a drop down list for Excel file by using any formula/tools in Alteryx? I believe we can do it manually in Excel but what becomes my concern is when we update a new data (which new rows might be added), and the workflow is updated, it causes difficulties in update the drop down list.


Please refer to picture below:

Dropdown Excel.PNG


Hence, i would like to seek any suggestions from this community to help me. Thanks in advance. 




I would probably go about doing this by exporting to a pre-formatted Excel.  Have a look at this community article below.


Hope this helps.





Hello @NickC


Thanks for the link but it is not exactly what I want. 


I have tried formatting my Excel file first then run the workflow as what they did in the discussion, but I wonder why they don't update exactly below the row of existing data. Please refer picture below:


Dropdown Test3.PNGOnce updated, it becomes like this ( Zee and Bun already exist in Excel)Dropdown Test2.PNGNew data to update 


What exactly I am looking for is, is it possible to create formula in Alteryx for the dropdown column?