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Drop Down Interface Tool


I am currently building an Analytic App.


I am using the drop down interface tool to allow consumers to specify their chosen variable. When listing values as "Manually Set Values Name:Value - one per line" the app works fine and outputs correctly.


However, the length of this manual list of values is too short. In order to increase the number of selectable values in the drop down, I changed the method of listing values to External Source - connecting to a .yxdb which contained my extensive list of values (includes both a NAME and VALUE fields). 


Despite this being the only change, and keeping the configuration of the action tool to update the specific cell within a text input with the consumer's chosen value the app fails to output the data when set to read in an external source to the drop down menu. 


Does anyone have any ideas why this is the case, and what is preventing the external source from successfully updating the text input and therefore not being able to compute a join?


Many thanks!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi jakemancer,


Could you share the workflow, or a screenshot of your workflow? I'm mostly interested in seeing how the dropdown menu's action tool is configured.


Hi @jakemancer,


I recommend you run the app in debug mode to see how / if the value is being updated. Here is a guide discussing how to debug. 


I also recommend you check the 'Interface Designer' (View > Interface Designer) to ensure the output is selected to show upon app completion. 




Let me know if this helps! If no, would you mind sending me the app and I can take a look on my end?






Many thanks for your response. 


I have attached a a screenshot of the interface segment of the app. This is where the problem lies, as when run as a workflow, it outputs correctly - it's only when being run as an analytic app that I encounter problems. 


Within the drop down titled Select Retailer there is a connection to an external source which contains an extensive list of Retailer Names. I want consumers to be able to select from this list and for it then to update the text input that it is connected to - then joining on this chosen name alongside the input of the entire dataset.


When running as an app I get an output, but there is no data specific to the consumer's chosen retailer - suggesting the problem is somewhere to do with the updating of the text input/the completion of the join.


Strangely, when I change the configuration of the drop down to being a list of manually added values the app runs perfectly - it's when I try to use an external source where the problem occurs.


Thank you!