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Drop Down Chain App not updating

7 - Meteor

Hi Comunity, 


Hi have looked for all the post regarding to this topic but I can't find the answer, I have a chain app with two apps, in the first one I'm generating the file to update the drop down list in the second app, but I can't find the way to update, actually even though I detelete some of the items from the input data it still appears and give results when it shouldn't.


Please help, I'm frustrated with this.


Drop down from the first app



Here is consumed by the second app





17 - Castor

Maybe something is wrong with the Action Tool.
Can you share the workflow with disclosable data?


15 - Aurora

Hi @adrilarotta ,


I don't see why this may not be working, can you make sure that the DropdownList file only contains two fields in it, which are named as [Name] and [Value] as shown below


Screenshot 2021-03-03 061821.jpg


The values in the Name column are those that will appear in your dropdown interface tools, whilst the Value column contains the actual values that will be fed into your workflow.


Then as @ Qiu suggested, the issue may be in the action tool, so can you make sure that in there you have selected to only replace the


CALDAS string.


Hope that helps in a way