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Drawing Lines In Map Between Source and Nearest Points

Dear Experts


I'm a beginner in Alteryx b, I'm looking to display the calculated distance between two sides :

Side-1 a Source Point Represent a point in the Map.

Side-2 The nearest (N) stores from the line in (1).


In the end, I need the results with the following output:
1-calculated a distance to display on the map (Browser).
2-Lines from Side-1 The Start point and all the nearest stores of that line (With different object points than the one on Side-1).
As it is displayed in the picture. I included All the resources with this post.

Map Path.jpg




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I've attached an example to show how you can create lines and add labels to a couple of centroids from "stores.yxdb".


Key features:

- ST_CreateLine( in the Formula tool creates the line.

- Another formula created a centroid of the lines to attach the labels to. 

- In the Map tool, the line centroids are invisible and only serve as anchors for the labels.


















Thank You So Much