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Downloading historical weather from Wunderground

Hi all,

I need help with a workflow.  I'm familiar enough with the dataset I'm trying to get.  Sample URL below:


I've pulled this successfully with an excel macro before, but looking to use an alteryx workflow to download, parse, and transform for statistical analysis.  Can anyone point me to a sample workflow, or resource on how to download information from a site like this?


Thank you!



Hi @JonathanHarris,


There is a sample that pulls data from Wunderground. Find it in 'Help > Sample Workflows > Use Scripting and Automation Tools > Build an App > Download Data from the Internet'.


It's not the exact same set, but rather the weather per day


Wunderground download.png

Worth taking a look at Wundergrounds API (


I expect will be easier to get data you want from it but there are some limitations on free tier


Hi All,


This is great. Had one tried connecting using weather data in Alteryx and connecting to Tableau?