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Downloading and Saving Images

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Is there a way to use Alteryx to download and save an image to a folder?


I have downloaded images and can see the images using the image tool, but don't see how to save the .jpg/,png file to a folder.




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14 - Magnetar

Try the Render tool (also in the Reporting suite where the Image tool is located)! You should be able to choose either a temporary PNG file or a specific output file (I believe .png is the only option, not .jpg).


If you have more than one image, you could also have it dynamically rename the PNG file if you have some other field in your data that has a name for the images. Choose the Group Data into Separate Reports check box and then select the field you want to use that contains the unique name for each image. 


Hope that helps!




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Thank you for your reply. I actually figured out how to do it using the Blob output tool. It worked really well.



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Could you please share how you accomplished this with the Blob Output Tool. I am trying to do the same thing.  Thanks!

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For anyone who comes across this thread in the future, here's how I used the Blob Output Tool to perform this task:


  • First, I used a formula tool to parse the image's filename from the URL (for example, --> category_1.png)
  • Next, I used the download tool to download each image as a blob
  • Finally, I used the blob output tool to save the image


example workflow.PNG


Configuration of the Download tool:

config download tool.PNG



Configuration of the Blob Output tool:

Note, in the File Name box, just enter a nonsense temporary name; it will be replaced by the contents of the Filename formula.
config blob output.PNG





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Ignore my previous post - it's actually even easer than that!

If you just need to download/save the images (and don't need the blobs elsewhere in your workflow), you can just use the download tool (no blob output tool necessary).


Just configure your Download tool with

1 - the URL of the image (in the example below, [Tool Image URL]

2 - the path where you want to save the image (in the example below, [FilePath])



Hi Kelly, thanks for your solution to the above. 


I was wondering if you know how we can go about doing the following:


Any help, will be greatly appreciated! Thanks