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Download tool after 2020.3

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Hi everyone,


I recently upgrade to 2020.3 from 2018.4, we have a workflow that's been working fine all along. It uses the download tool to make a Sharepoint API call to return all item information from a LIST (we use this because the default sharepoint tool misses a few attributes) 


But after the upgrade to 2020.3 the download tool doesn't return enough apart from the DownloadHeaders with 3 Unauthorized Connections errors. Back with 2018.4 it would return 2 Unauthorized and 1 accepted connection and it will also return the JSON in the DownloadData field. 


In short, anyone know what could have gone wrong? I can still get the workflow to run if I run it in 2018.4 but we will need to upgrade everything to 2020.3 soon. (Asked support already and been waiting for 6 days no reply yet, they must be busy with the 2020.4 upgrade)

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14 - Magnetar

Were there any other upgrades or network authentication changes around the same time?

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No, i got both servers running. if i run the workflow in the 2018.4 it works. But if i run it in 2020.3 it doesn't. Connecting to sharepoint is fine, just is the download tool that fails now. I created a powershell script to call the API and return the results in a File. Then i read back that file. But would be nice to keep it using the internal download tool

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Hi @j_acon ,


  Thank you for posting this to the community. We have been investigating this issue and while this technically may be not supported (connecting to endpoint with Download tool using NTLM auth, for example to the SharePoint API) I have seen a behavior change starting in 20.x. If/when we have any further updates will report back, or feel free to contact Support and mention this post.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. Very cool you found that other work-around! Will add to my arsenal.

Sabrina Blanck
Sr. Customer Support Engineer – Connectors SME
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