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Download XLSX files from Gmail




I have been trying to download xlsx files from a specific label to my local computer. I use the tutorial for downloading gmail attachements from the link below:


However this doesn't work with xlsx files I believe. During the final step the data gets transformed into a blob (with the proper size for the test file) but the output looks like this:



Has anyone gotten this to work? The goal is to download the gmail attachements to my local computer. I tried changing the download output to a blob and storing the file but it's unreadable after storing.




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @DanielH 


The comment below on this article actually elucidates this question:


"Hi Stephen. 

Just wanted to give you a heads up regarding a bug in the tool. Google uses a different base64 encoding than alteryx (see this link) so you need to replace the character '-' with '+' and '_' with '/' before you can base64 decode it, atleast for excel files.

Thank you though for saving me a lot of time with this otherwise excellent tool. 


Best regards//Leif"


Maybe this could be the cause of the issue?



Hi Thableaus,


This works like a charm! Adding a formula to replace the characters after the JSON parse allows me to store the excel files.

Thanks for the answer! 


Kind regards,