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Download Tool Retry Option


Is there a retry option for the download tool? There is a timeout but I want to be able retry if it fails.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

To do this I recommend an iterative macro.


Parse the header and any that fail go into the iterative macro, after the input of the iterative macro put another filter and loop until X number of iteractions or until the URL is valid.


you might need the throttle tool if you want to try every X sec/minutes


Post an example URL if you want me to put together a demo macro for you 



I will be using HTTP post request. I have the header and body already build. So I have array of requests that I’m taking from another macro. I would the download tool to retry the request if packet gets dropped. Currently, if one of the packet fails I get an “Error transferring data: Failure when receiving data from the peer” error.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Validating addresses and getting the Lat Long is part CASS built-in tools, see and




Yes, those are just for U.S. and Canada. I’m building a macro for Global Address that uses the WS.


I know the download tool uses cURL, and it has the built-in retry option if you don’t get a response after certain time. I would like to retry when the timeout expires, regardless if the url is valid or not.