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Does anyone have any experience working with Odata connections?  Specifically connecting to an Odata repository that contains Every Angle reports.  


I have built a workflow to connect to an Odata repository which retrieves an Every Angle report that contains 300,000 plus records but the workflow is only retrieve 500 records.  I've checked configurations but I do not see anything that would limit the number of records being retrieved. 


Hoping someone has experienced this issue before and what the solution was.  I have attached a screenshot of my workflow.   


Hi @Asimkz157 


It looks like the OData specification support record paging using the $count, $skip and $top query options.  You be able to query $count to retrieve the total number of records in the set and then loop by incrementing $skip and returning the $top x records.  Check out the OData Reference Service for examples of how to format these