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Download Tool Getting Tripped up by Proxy

Alteryx Partner

I'm using Alteryx from within a corporate network, and am getting stuck trying to download files using the Download tool via https. Http works fine, and https works too from outside the network or simply downloading the file using a browser (IE or Chrome) on the network, but no joy trying https from Alteryx.


I believe the issue is something to do with the proxy server, but have spoken to IT and they can't see alteryx hitting their proxy with any https requests (the http ones, which work, do appear).


I'm not too knowledgeable about proxies/network security so am not to sure how to approach finding a solution. Any ideas?



Alteryx Certified Partner



This may or may not work, but what I usually use to troubleshoot API/http requests through Alteryx is by running Fiddler to debug. It captures the information sent/received. Use this off network and see what the the HTTP request looks like and then run it on network to see what changes. The return message from the HTTP service will sometime say why it's failing.


Reason why I say that it may NOT work is because Fiddler creates a local proxy on your computer rerouting all network traffic through it so it can capture this information. Because of this, it may alter the results you see... may even allow it to run successfully (it's happened to me). It could just be that you need to add in a specific httpHeader value that your off network connections may include automatically.


Hope this helps!