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Does Alteryx Connect store workflows and datasources

Alteryx Certified Partner

Could someone please explain Alteryx connect in detail for me?


Does alteryx connect only store metadata about datasources used in workflows and the whole workflow structure or does it store actual data? If so what exactly is then the difference to the Alteryx Server? Thank you

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
It does not hold data or workflow, as you say, it holds the meta info. Detail around what fields are in your data sources and users can add definitions. With workflows users can add descriptions and owners.

When you load data sources and workflows, Alteryx will create links between them, so you can see which data sources contribute to what workflows, and what workflows create what data sources.

You can also load the meta info for visual reporting tools such as tableau, so you can build a complete view of the process from raw data to workflow to visual reporting.

It has some great integration with designer too, from within the designer platform you can search connect and drag pre configured inputs to your data sources onto the canvas.

Is advise you have a scan over the various resources online, but hopefully this is a good intro!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks Ben,


so how exactly do I upload all the metadata into Connect. Let's say I connect to various datasources and create a complex workflow. The output gets then visualized in Tableau/Power BI. How is this process then send to Connect?

You also mentioned I can drag an drop the saved metadata from connect into my designer? Complete workflows end - to - end or only datasources?


Thanks again for your help. Highly appreciated!

Best regards and have a great weekend