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Do Not Repeat Date On Each Row & Add Totals to Columns

8 - Asteroid

I love this place! Always so helpful and I really appreciate it.


I'm trying to build out the pivot table on the attached with the data that is also provided on the attached. My problem is that the date "8/31/2021" is being repeated on each line but, I only need it listed once. And also I need to add totals to the output.



As always. I thank you!!



13 - Pulsar

Hi @lisamccullough 


Here is a way you can do it. 




I'm using a second Summarize tool to group by Report Month only to get my totals. Then Joining the data back together, sorting, creating some groups, and using a couple formulas to get the desired results. 


One thing to note, you'll notice that the Summarize tool that creates the totals is grouping by Report Month twice but renaming one of the instances at Travel. This is needed so the Sort tool keeps this line at the bottom of the entries. The formulas also reference this and null it out before the final output. 


Hope this helps!