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Distribution Center Network Optimization


Objective: To map the Distribution Centre (DC) to the stores based on given constraints.

In the given data:

  1. We have 1000+ stores located at different location in Midwest.
  2. The stores are currently mapped with the respective DC i.e DC1, DC2 and DC3. (The column “Current Distribution Centre” mentions to which DC the store is currently mapped)
  3. Distance in miles from the current DC is also given.
  4. In the last three column DC1, DC2 and DC3 distance from the respective stores from the DCs are mentioned.
  5. Average Pallet distribution is defining the volume of traffic between the DC and the store. For example, DC1 serves the Store no xyz with 7 pallets, it could be daily, weekly or monthly.
  6. Assign a unique ID to store.


The objective is to map the Distribution Centre (DC) to the stores based on given constraints:

  1. Store can be mapped to only one DC.
  2. Optimal Distance should be taken in consideration.
  3. Pallet distribution should remain same.



I used solver in excel but cant replicate it in Alteryx. I am still learning how to use batch macros and "optimization" function in alteryx.


Hello. I am not familiar with the optimization nod and I don't do opti work at my job but just based on what I learned in school... shouldn't production optimization be run through CPLEX or gurobi?


The Alteryx tool for it seems cool but no nearly as feature rich. It looks like it is only single var.


That's true there are many softwares which will do this job, but I am trying to figure this out in alteryx.. Optimization tool plus batch macros can do this job easily I just unable to implement it. 


Hi, would you have some sample data with the expected results to get you could post?


Hi Ladarthur, 

I am attaching an excel doc, the sheet output data is something which I am looking for. 


o Decision variables- For Example- Table Store-DC Mapping Afterhas to be integers
o Total number of stores mapped to any DC before and after optimization remains constant.
o Both distance to DC before and after optimization have been captured. 


Its not only the distance but the pallet size (volume) which cannot be changed.