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Display static webpage

Alteryx Certified Partner

Ok, this is a bit fiddly but it works.

I'll need to send you a .zip as I'm not allowed to attached it here. Can I send it via IM?


First of all, install node.js


Second, unzip the folder I'll send. You only need to change the following:

Step 1: Open Take_Screenshot.bat and change folder path
Step 2: In the Alteryx workflow , change the run command tool parameters to point at correct location
Step 3: In the Alteryx workflow, amend "ReadOutput.json" filepath


No, you just need to feed your URLs in (you can make this dynamic, obviously, and you should then be able to produce static image outputs:

For MarqueeCrew.PNG


 For MarqueeCrew2.PNG



Let me know how you get on.





Alteryx Certified Partner


There's a dropbox link to my solution.

Give that a whirl.


@PaulN I was going to say same thing.


Looks like node.js uses  phantomScript = __dirname + '/webshot.phantom.js' so probably no better than using solution provided.


not sure if easy to set screen size in node solution but i think you can set size output in phantom.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Thank you @mceleavey & @SophiaF for finding solutions to the challenge.

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Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.

Can you please share the Configuration details for the formula and the download in the workflow above?


Trying to mirror and make this work: 


Yes, @mceleavey I would like to download the daily stock price after closing and have the webpage image to output as pdf.  Can this be done?


Thanks so much for this @SophiaF  I tweaked your workflow to fit my problem.  This is going to save my unit countless man/woman hours going forward.


Hi all.  I thanked Sophia for her solution above which allowed me to download the documents from 1611 hyperlinks in 30 minutes - a task that in the past I've done manually (with the help of others) and it was a slow, tedious torture. 


Today, we got an error - and I want to mention it in case anyone else stumbles upon this thread later on.  We have a spreadsheet with hyperlinks - and we want to download each of them to their own PDF.  However, when we first obtain this Excel spreadsheet, they're really just hyperlink text (strings) because we haven't yet activated them to be true hyperlinks.  If we forget to activate them, Alteryx will download one, but then give us an error of "the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (32)".  We just deleted the one entry in our folder, and then created all the hyperlinks, reran and all went smoothly.  Hope this helps someone down the road