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Display results per tool

8 - Asteroid

I recently updated Alteryx (2020.3.5) and am having to reset all my canvas preferences.  When the workflow is running I like being able to see the # of records per tool, but for some reason, they disappear once the workflow completes. It's especially helpful when comparing the Filter tool results or the success of the Join tool.


Can someone please tell me how to make these results (below in white) remain once the workflow finishes running?  





14 - Magnetar

Hi @skeen503979 ,


To change that you have to click anywhere on your canvas to get the workflow configuration pane appearing. Then under the canvas tab, click the connection progress dropdown and change that to "Show"




Now the records coming in/out of a tool will always appear .


Hope that helps,



8 - Asteroid

Bingo, thank you sir!