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Display Only First Character.


Hello Everyone- 

I am struggling with this issue for a while now, i have a WF which simply reads data from a CSV file and writes it to an Oracle Table. All data fields in the CSV file are String (although there are some number and date-time data), intention is to read them "As-Is" to a table and then use it as needed,i do Append Field Map as Custom while configuring the Output tool. For validating the data , i read the same data from the oracle table instead of the CSV file and the data only shows first characters instead of showing the entire description. Please see below snippet along with the WF i am using. Please advise if i am missing anything. Thank you for your help.





Do you get any errors in the workflow when appending the data to Oracle? Is the data appended correctly?


Do you have any setting for Field Length in the Input Tools options when reading from Oracle?


Hello @ivoller

Apologies for the late reply. 

The data was not getting read correctly , apparently strings has to be configured as V_String while writing data in Oracle Tables - i was using V_WString format which led to issues. Issue was resolved after adding a Select tool to the workflow. 

Thank you for your help.