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Disappearing Workflow!

8 - Asteroid

Hi All:


I have been working on a workflow for quite awhile. Today I got it where I needed it - and saved, saved, saved....well, I had a bit of a brain hiccup and for whatever reason, I deleted it instead of the tde that I wanted to delete. 


Well, I went to the recycle bin to retrieve it and it is not there. I mean, it IS there, but it's a much older version - not the recent workflow that I KNOW I saved.


Is there a way to get back to a version based on a time period? For example, I know I had it saved around 3 p.m. today; if I could restore whatever version was there at 3 p.m., I'd be golden. 


Otherwise I think my weekend is ruined. 😞 

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @tessa depending on the version of your alteryx designer you might have an autosave of your workflow the below screenshot shows how to access them. Hope this solves your issue and doesn't ruin your weekend.



workflow. AutoSave.jpg

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Sadly, I already attempt this- so unless someone else has an idea, I'll just have to recreate it. Fortunately, I had actually taken a screen shot to show a colleague - and I can use that for guidance. 


Thank you

8 - Asteroid

I ended up having to rebuild the workflow - but in doing so, I actually was able to correct something that I was struggling with before - so, I guess it all worked out okay in the end! 


Thank you for a fast response!