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Disabling Fuzzy Matching Warnings


This is more of a nitpicking thing for cleaning up my workflows. 


When I am running my fuzzy matches I am getting this warning, which makes my workflow look like a mess.


Fuzzy Error.JPG


However this warning is (I believe) a product of the output of the fuzzy, not fields that we already have. Since I am using this RECORDID to match on, it creates two output fields (RecordID and RecordID2) because it needs to rename that second field.



fuzzy setup.JPG


Does anyone know how to shut down those warnings? @MattD?


@Treyson There currently isn't any options or functionality in to disable these messages from the Fuzzy Match tool (or other tools that could case the same warnings). You can have the results window hide them though. This can be done by clicking on the message type in the results window. You can find the message types just above the result output, and it will show a count of the messages of that type along with a label. If you click on a label (lets say 'Messages') it will only show you the results that fall into that message type. This is useful for filtering the results to specific types for a quicker review.


Thank you Kevin,


This will work!